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Why Are Relationships So Hard?

Why, why why???  Why Are Relationships So Hard? It usually starts out like a beautiful painted picture.  You meet someone one, fall head over heals...

Communication is Vital in Relationships, Especially for Women

Com·mu·ni·ca·tion the act or process of transmitting information. When a person’s feeling is invalidated after they have communicated it, his or her feeling will likely diminish...

80/20 Percent Rule for Relationships

The 80/20 Percent Rule for Relationships says that in a healthy relationship you only get 80% of what you want from your relationship.  The other...

Keep Family Members Out of Your Relationship!

Growing up, I'm sure we've all heard, "blood is thicker than water," and "when all else fails you'll always have your family". I believe...

Why I Believe in Love

Love... it's a lot like the air. It may be hard to see - but it's in you and all around you. Don't believe me?...

Ladies – Red Flags in Dating

L adies we all know some red flags in dating that we have ignored.  There is a famous saying, be careful who you date,...