Awakening Love Before it’s Time

Time always reveals all truth


…Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.

~ Song of Solomon 8:4

We often put ourselves in position where we give love or some of ourselves when we should not. Not because LOVE is a bad thing, but because the recipient of our love may not be in a position to receive what we give. This often times leave us feeling anger, disgruntled, and upset when we are not received the way we want to be. I believe this is because we tend to do things before it’s time or rush things instead of waiting.

I believe that time is a key element in relationships, because through time all things are revealed. A person can only pretend to be someone their not but for a period of time before their true colors start to show.

Sometimes we want to awaken love but we are broken and undeveloped or the person that we care about is broken or undeveloped. Just because your ready, doesn’t mean that your mate is. We often times get deceived by potential, which everyone has (tilt your head side ways and squint your eyes, you’ll see it LOL). The problem with awakening love before it’s time is that it’s premature and has the risk of death.

I believe you can love someone prematurely, and then what is right turns into something bad because it came to early.


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