What Really Matters in this Life…

Cherish the ones you love, not things.


We all should take time to reflect on our lives. As I sit giving God thanks for my life, I can’t help but get teary eyed.

There is a common cliche that life is precious. But it doesn’t mean anything until you’ve been faced with almost losing it. What matters most in this life to me are:

My Family & Friends…. they truly mean the world to me.

Health… Something we all take for granted at times. Good health is a gift and should be treated as such.

Sound-mind… To be in our right minds is a blessing, when so many are suffering without peace and are not in their right mind.

Love… God himself is love and what greater love has he demonstrated for us through his son Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ… Yes, I saved the best for last. Without Jesus my life would not even be worth living. I rest assured in my eternal salvation because of my Lord and Savior, JESUS. He is the reason for it all…


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